By way of brief introduction: I’m a straight white married dude living in New York. After the election of 2016, I started writing down my thoughts on Facebook. I wrote on the current political climate, ways forward, fears, and anything that generally came to mind. The tone varied wildly, from panic to alarm to calm. I thought of them as daily check-ins, and I kept doing them for a solid week. Some folks suggested that I do them in a blog form, because I tend to keep my thoughts on FB fairly limited. So I did.

I’m not sure what form these will take. I’ll try include links, check-ins, thoughts, observations, general ephemera.I have some ideas about ongoing features related to art, literature, and history. Although I have a traditional liberal education with a focus on the history of American slavery, genre fiction, and contemporary literature, I am still working through learning about intersectionality and processing my own privilege. I welcome discussion and feedback – though I may not respond in the comments – and am moderating the comments section.

The title comes from both the John O’Hara poetry collection and the Mad Men episode set during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The epigram comes from former National Security staffer Tommy Vietor. The phrase “last resort letters” (or lrletters on Tumblr) comes from my favorite bit of obscure military/Cold War history – the Letters of Last Resort. It’s something I always think about when thinking about the scope, importance, and responsibility of global power.